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Collecting is your life? You are always hunting for that special unique item?

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You are interested in history, so much so that antiques and collectibles has become your profession?

It helps to advertise your collection to a buyer
Your antiques will be visible worldwide helping you find buyers easily

Then this is for you!

Putting your items up on our platform is free. There is no subscription fee. We also provide free information to help you buy or sell. You can read articles on the history, production, material etc. of a wide range of antiques and collectibles before you decide whether to go for a professional valuation. You can see all the information on items or requests and can ask the seller or a buyer any questions you might have before starting to deal. You can also amend your listing for an item you offer or an item you would like to find. We help connect buyers and sellers in the most ideal way possible.

Users of the facility will be able to list items on our platform, and then we will search and find interested buyers or sellers for that item. We will keep looking as new offers and requests are added, greatly increasing the chances of a successful match.

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