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Tea Caddies - a hobby for tea lovers and enthusiasts of decoration

Collecting antiques is a favourite hobby of many enthusiasts. A collector shares the same passion for collecting items as anyone collecting cars. These collectables range from any household item to large architectures. People who are interested in collecting antique and vintage items are willing to pay thousands of dollars just to have their hands on the item. Tea caddies are one of the vintage products that go all the way back to 18th century. Tea caddies are types of canisters that were used for holding tea leaves in. The more beautiful the tea caddy would be the more value it would h…


Baroque style in architecture

Baroque style was popular throughout Europe and Latin America. The buildings are different from country to country, but they were united into one architectural style, mostly because of convenience of summarizing the art definition of the period, but also because of their common aesthetic origin. Baroque architecture represents spectacle and illusion. The term itself, comes from the Portuguese "barocco", meaning irregularity, oddly shaped pearl in Spanish, while in Italian it means pedantic. That is a little twist of the dialectic value. Nevertheless, the term became synonym almost in all E…


Art Deco era of Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique is known for antique art glass design. He created glass art, perfume bottles, vases, jewellery, chandelliers and clocks. He was born in 1860 and began his career in 1881 as a freelance jeweler. Rene Lalique was learning drawing and sketching since 1872 in college. In 1876, at the age of 16, Rene Lalique became apprenticed to the jeweler Louis Aucoc, who was one of the leading jewelers in Paris. Rene Lalique had a chance to learn jewellery production and design from the ground up in Louis Aucoc's workshop. In 1878 he attended college in Sydenham, England and went back to Fran…


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