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English style of furniture or the elegance of carved furniture

English style of furniture reflects the influence of mainland Europe fashion traditions, but it has its own special aspects and differences. The items demonstrate regional variations. English style as a term settled into the part of antique objects of British isles as England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland had its own manufacturing centers and influenced a form of furniture with its own elements. Regional elements between old objects of north and south territories are very remarkable in forms of chairs. Ateliers of Wales kept producing bureaus and cabinets as a style status while in England thi…


When Watches take over

The 1960s was a period of time in which success came to the greatest watch industries. Rolex, Omega, IWC, Zenith and Jaeger LeCoultre were brands that in the mid-1960s started to create sports man watches. A chunky, hefty and masculine style created a different appearance for men's watches. Fully automated production lines had been introduced in the Swiss manufacturing houses. A unique period in the 1960s came to be called the war of the frequencies by collectors. The faster the oscillation rate of a movement's balance wheel, the more accurate that movement would be. This drove the manufactur…


What is your position in the society?

Narcissism is the only reason why people always were fascinated by mirrors and its reflection. A first mirror appeared in ancient times as a small pool of water filled in a dark coloured container. After that people started to make non–water mirrors around 6000 BC. The mirrors were made of polished volcanic glass. But first polished copper mirrors appeared in Mesopotamia. In ancient times a special quality was given to a mirror by people. People had to look in the mirror and see if they are handsome or not. Handsome people had to try to keep their soul clean and stay away from the d…


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