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Thinking of distinctive interior decoration approaches? Try mosaics

The history of mosaic is very long and starts in Mesopotamia in 3rd cent.BC. Pebble mosaics appeared in Greece in 5th-4th cent. BC. Mosaic is a decorative technique or an art, used also for interior decoration, allows creation of images from small pieces of coloured glass, stone or other materials. A glass mosaic is called tesserae , a floor mosaic made of small rounded pieces of stone called pebble mosaics . Roman empire mosaic is dated 1st cent. BC – 3rd cent AD. Greco-Roman mosaic utilized two t Richly decorated floor of Roman buildings were showing the scenes of history and …


The Teddy Bear – The Toy That Captivated the World

Popular culture in America tells us that the history of the Teddy Bear originated in 1902, created by candy shop owner Morris Michtom after being inspired by a cartoon by Clifford Berryman in the Washington Post involving U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Teddy Roosevelt was known as a big game hunter and often went on hunting trips with his fellow politicians. While hunting with a party including the governor of Mississippi, he was the only man to have not yet located a bear. Roosevelt’s assistants found a black bear, cornered it, and tied it to a willow tree for Roosevelt…


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