The quintessential jet set style of 1950’s cars can only be described as iconic. Following the end of World War II, many formerly combat production companies turned to consumer production which included and highlighted automobiles.Many cars of this era were in pastel colours and sported large tailfins, chrome, wraparound windshield, and a general “rocketship” design. Ultimately, cars became bigger, more luxurious, and more powerful. Speed became a big deal to car companies. The British manufacturer, Jaguar, produced the 1954 Jaguar XK120 in which 120 refers to the top speed making it the fastest standard production car of its time. While the golden car age of the 1950’s pretty generally belongs to the Americans, Europeans were holding their own. Volkswagen released its first Microbus in 1950. Most European car models like Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Mercedes Benz sported clean, rounded designs that would serve as the basis for iconic brands and models in the future.

Luxury Jaguar – Grace, Space, and Pace

The luxury brand Jaguar was established by William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922. Both founders were motorcycle great fans and founded a firm to manufacture motorcycles sidecars. Passenger cars started to manufacture later. The name Jaguar appeared later, the company was called first Swallow Sidecar Company. The name changed after World War II to Jaguar to avoid the negative association having the SS initials of the company name. The first passenger car was a 2.5liter saloon released in 1935, called SS Jaguar and its sports models SS 90 and SS 100.

Valuable investment

Did you know that number of cars sold monthly at auctions in the UK around 100,000 pcs?

Cars according to the Knight Frank’s annual Wealth Report are the most promising to invest in. There is Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index which presents 9 luxury assets such art, classic cars, watches and stamps which are the most valuable to invest in. Each group of items are shown in 12 months, 5-year and 10-year period outperforming mainstream investment.

Cars category has a strongest performance in one-year, 5-year and 10-year period. Cars seems to be better investment asset category than any other collectible’s category. According to the Dietrich Hatlapa, a founder of HAGI (Historic Automobile Group International), the value of rare Ferraris has increased by 15% annually over the last 30 years.

People are thinking where to invest. Classic cars are proving popular alternative investment for higher net worth clients. Traditionally core investment such as gold is volatile in today’s market and people who want to keep the value of their finances look for additional investments outside of standard investments such as jewellery and fine arts.

Jaguar is becoming almost unaffordable for many buyers when we see prices rise from £30,000 - £40,000 in 2011 to £120,000 today for 1960s release cars. That is a good tendency which people can follow and predict a valuable investment in a vintage car.

Collecting Jaguars

England’s premiere car brand, Jaguar, was no stranger to the effects of the space age of the 1950’s. Many of their models and designs took after the trends of surrounding car brands. However, much of Jaguar’s design through the 1950’s took shape through its new focus: racing.

The car was raced at Le Mans and had a remarkable victory, setting the new track record. Their success continued through the 1950’s as Jaguar’s cars became much more streamlined than the models of the past. The advances they made for racing, disc brakes and enlarged engines, would soon filter through to their other luxury cars as well. By this point in history, Jaguar was only selling luxury and sports cars. Because of their popular market abroad, Jaguar demonstrated tact in maintaining their classic English image while merging with the fast and forward-focused trends of the 1950’s.

The range of price on today’s market is varies. Jaguar XK 140 SE roadster 1956 release date could be found for £89.000, Jaguar MK2 3.8 1962 release date is possible to buy for £22.750, Jaguar E Type 3.8 1962 release date is priced for £79.950 and Jaguar XK120 Roadster 1951 release you could get for £79.870.

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