When we hear the name Cartier we associate it with beauty and style. Initially Cartier was known as a fine jewellery maker. In 1847 Louis-Francois Cartier inherited a jewellery workshop in Paris taking it over from his master and since that time the jewellery business was only increasing. The history of the Cartier family is a real success story.

The Cartier signed wristwatches have created a name and a significant impression on the world of wristwatches market.

Louis-Francois Cartier started at 28 and became an apprentice at Adolphe Picard's watchmaking workshop. Cartiers career was developing rapidly and soon he moved from rue Montogrgueil, Paris to Palais-Royal area in 1853.

Since that time Princess Mathilde became a "bridge" between the Cartier art work and the royalty. The countess of Nieuwerkerke bought 55 masterpieces during 3 year to take revenge on her husband whose lover was Princes Mathilde.

(Cartier – a shining history | Avenue De Paris ... by Romy [no date])

Alfred, son of Louis-Francouis joins the company at age 15. And in 1874 Alfred Cartier takes over his father's company. 13 Rue de La Paix, heart of Paris soon becomes a center of international jewellery. The Cartier brand has developed over the time and became more known and recognizable, that led to the Cartier expansion over the world and appearance of new shops in London in 1902 and in a New York in 1909.

The Cartier brand is often associated with royal families. In the list of royal purchasers are Wallis Simpson, King Edward VII of England, the Maharaja of Patiala and Princess Grace of Monaco. (Famous Jewelry Designers | Top Jewelry Designers Today [no date])

Alfred Cartier has three sons. Louis Cartier was the eldest and was managing a shop in Paris, while Pierre and Jacque left France. Pierre established a business in New York and Jacque in London. Louis was handsome, distinguished and an elegant businessman, jeweler and collector. He was extremely popular among Parisian women and the aristocracy. That was the business strategy he used to increase Cartier's list of clients. That time the most important client was the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. Edward VII said about Louis Cartier once "the jeweler of Kings, the Kind among jewelers". (Cartier - Jewelry Artists - Artist Biographies - Macklowe Gallery [no date])

One of the most important innovations among others in jewellery styles was interpretation of eighteenth-century French neoclassicism. It was a garland style when Art Nouveaus was a predominant trend and Cartier introduced the combination of platinum and diamonds. Platinum is a material that allows highly flexible mountings, it is almost invisible and performs high radiance of each diamond in the item. That innovation attracted rich clients and opened the doors to the world. (Cartier: The story of the most famous jewellery [17 July 2014])

Other Cartier's most recognizable styles:

• Modern - pure geometric abstraction.

• Panthere - three dimensions jewellery.

Bestiary and reptiles - under the influence of collection flowers and animals appears Cartier world animals both real and fantastic. This collection is predominantly for reptiles and items have elastic forms and recreated in rings, bracelets and necklaces.

• Chimeras - objects of the mythical founder of Chinese civilization.

• Eclecticism - Byzantine and neo-renaissance motifs, floral or animal figurations, enamels and cameos, gold and precious stones.

• Essential - unisex gold jewellery that has become emblematic (Cartier: The story of the most famous jewellery [17 July 2014])

Collecting Cartier

Did you know that you could be an owner of the highly valuable piece of jewellery which can fetch more than £100,000 today. You might not even know of a treasure you have at home. You could maybe have an Art Deco Cartier brooch inherited from your grandmother and it could be worth of £12,500. Or a diamond ring worth of £20,000.


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