Going through fairs, auctions or antique shops you are willing to get a nice piece of wooden furniture with history. You don't always have to buy restored items, you can find one looking worn and restore it yourself. Don't be afraid, you can make a high quality piece of furniture that will brighten up the interior of your home. You put in your love and effort and it brings satisfaction beside reasonably saved finances when you buy an item. If you do not know how to restore old wooden furniture, we will guide you and help you with that.

What do you have to know when choosing the furniture? You should look carefully at the item and see that the old paint or varnish is covering good quality wood. The most important is to check the underside of the item and see if the item is made of oak, walnut, pine, maple or birch. Also make sure that the material and construction is good. Don't pay attention to the veneers, if the item is made of a good quality wood the veneer could be removed if it's cracked or damaged.

To start restoring furniture you will need to prepare some necessary tools and equipment.

  • • Long-sleeved work clothes
  • • Cloth gloves
  • • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • • Large metal scraper
  • • Toothbrush to clean dry surfaces
  • • Steel wool 2 and 0000 grades
  • • Rags, string and lintless cloth
  • • Glue for the wood. Don't get a hide glue, it leaves stains on the surface
  • • Small wooden brush
  • • Bucket to collect the mess from the floor
  • • Screws when you need it
  • • Hand cream before you wear gloves and after you finish working

Don't forget you will need a lot of patience, love and care to work with the wood.

To prepare furniture for a new finish you should first remove the old stained paint from it. First, wash the surface with soapy water. Let it dry after that and see what was removed. After that, if you find out the surface is damaged and has to be repainted you should strip the surface intensely, but gently to peel off the old varnish or paint. Be careful to avoid damaging the wooden surface.

You need to remove remaining old paint with wooden scrapers, use also string and a brush. After that let the surface dry and brush the surface again, now you will need to use a toothbrush to remove small pieces. Rub the surface, use steel wool 2nd grade to smoothen the surface.

Now you can start to apply just a touch of colouring on the item, wait for a few minutes and rub it down with a rag. Don't deep it in one coat, it will look like a bad paint. Leave the item for a day before you cover it with varnish.

You feel you cannot manage the restoration yourself? Find a specialist by registeringhere. Or find your piece of furniture.