It all started from 24 yo genleman who founded a watch, jewellery and accessories company in 1860. His name was Louis-Ulysse Chopard. That was a start of the Chopard brand name. Louis-Ulysse Chopard created a manufacturing company in Sonvillier, Switzerland which was specializing in pocket-watches and chronometers.

Louis-Ulysse dies in 1915th , and after his death the company was taken over by his son Paul-Louis and grandson Paul-Andre. The tradition of elegant pocket chronometers and jeweled ladies’wristwaches continues.

Chopard follows becoming popular the latest fashion in Art Deco style, quickly adopts it and realize in produced items. In 1921 the company opens a branch in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Andre Chopard, Louis-Ulysse Chopard son due to increasing importans of other Swiss cities of a rapidly growing watch market in that time makes that decition to not miss the market. Few years later, in 1937, Chopard relocates to Geneva and starts to produce a quality watches with 150 employees.

There is no record of the first years production but we know that since then it has produced watches that meet the highest standards of quality and presicion. The first Chopard watch we know is a thick pocket watch with the signature Chopard e Sonviller.

The company was specializing in innovative precision watches with intricate decoration. The watches acquired the praise of customers all over Europe, including many distinguished personalities such as Czar Nicolas II of Russia.

Paul-Andre tried his best to manage a company post World Wars perod, but as many other companies, Chopard was struggling as well. By the 1960s Paul-Andre, a gifted watchmaker had to sell his grandfather’s company. It was Karl Scheufele III who came from a respectable whatchmaking family and bought the company.

Karl's grandfather, Karl Scheufele I, was born on August 6, 1877, in the town of Pforzheim, Germany. Karl Scheufele I founded his own company in 1904, Eszeha. The company produced watches and jewellery. The company changed the desing of pocket-watches making it more as a jewellery like a necklace or a bracelet. That made such accesories extreamely popular among women. In 1920s, period of Art Deco, one of the Eszeha’s famous design was „wallet watches“, whatches put in decorated cases. The company kept following the tradition from generation to generation for flawless jewellery watches till the company was headed by Karl Scheufele III. And here we can go back again to the Chopard. And in 1963d Karl III purchases Chopard from Paul-Andre.

That famous name of Chopard

By 1990, Karl Scheufele III’s children, the new Chopard heirs, took their place in the company, producing numerous trend-setting pieces.

Karl’s daughter Caroline Scheufele joined the company as a designer and became the artistic manager of the Haute Joaillerie section. One of her first designs, Happy Diamonds Clown – a gem-set clown which became a mascot of the company. She continues to design exceptional collections that attracts enormous number of auditory and media attention. Later on that will bring the company to cooperation with the famous film festivals.

Caroline's brother Karl-Friedrich Scheufele took charge of watchmaking, and supervised the production of yet more superb timepieces. He combined his two true passions, watchmaking and cars, and he has created numerous exquisite sports watches such as the St. Moritz, Monte Carlo, and the 1000 Miglia.

Chopard's Happy Diamonds collection. Source of photo

In 1988 Karl Scheufele and his son Karl Friederich decided to promote a legendary race Mille Migle where participants ride their vintage cars through 1000 miles from Brescia to Rome and back. The Mille miglia is one of Chopard’s best selling collections.

In 1998 Chopard became a partner of famous film festivals such as Oscar and Cannes Film Festival.

The Dimond World Music Award or Chopart Dimond Award was created in 2001, it is a special award of merit given by the World Music Awards to recording arrtists who have sold over 100 million albums during their career. The award is not organized every year. At this moment only 6 artists have won this award:

• 2001: Rod Stewart

• 2003: Mariah Carey

• 2004: Celine Dion

• 2005: Bon Jovi

• 2006: Michael Jackson

• 2008: The Beatles

Collecting Chopard

We try to help you to orient a little in prices that could be set for Chopard pieces.

The Chopart women wristwatch, for example, from 1960-1970 white gold with 20 btilliant cut diamonds, dial is made of lapis lazuli, diameter of case is 21.5mm, white gold bracelet is 12 mm, weight is 38.5g, set on the auction for low estimate on £2300.

A limited edition man’s wristwatch from white gold, automatic tonnaeu-form, the low estimate on the auction is £2700.

Or a lady’s white gold and diamond-set bracelet watch with mother-of-pearl dial from circa 2005, quartz movement, inner transparent ring containing 7 brilliant cut mounted wandering diamonds, 18k white gold case, diamond-set bezel, snap-on case back with an 18k white gold bracelet and clasp, diameter 26 mm, bracelet circumference 170 mm, estimated for £3378 - £4266 auction price.

But you can also get a less expensive exemplars for a price as £600 for a lady’s stainless steel Happy Sport wristwatch or a £930 ultra thin elegant luxus 18k yellow gold men’s wtristwatch. Don’t miss your chanse, offer your Chopart piece for sale or try to find the one you want the most on LuckyLookers Antiques and Collectibles.

a chopard blue diamont ring